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Annual Geriatric Health Package...



Darwin My Vet Service offers Geriatric Health Profiling for your dogs and cats 7 years and over.


Many diseases that occur in geriatric animals are insidious, meaning they often show no clinical signs detectable by your veterinarian. 

These can include early kidney disease, liver disease, cancers and hormonal conditions.  However these diseases may be picked up with blood and urine testing.  With a thorough examination, your veterinarian can also discover less serious conditions such as dental disease, skin problems, ear and eye problems, arthritis and minor infections.



               Geriatric Health Packages include:

1. A comprehensive health check with a veterinarian

2. Blood Health Screen (to test for major organ function or disease.)

3. Urinalysis (detects disease such as diabetes, infections, kidney and bladder disease.)

4.  ½ day hospital admission (for blood and urine medical work up)

5.  10% discount on any prescription diet recommended by the veterinarian.

1.Valued at over $240.00, Darwin My Vet Service has put this package together for your convenience for a 

total cost of only $132.50*!



                 Consultation by appointment only. 

              Please call us on 8927 3657 to book in your senior furry family member for their seniors health check. 

*any further medications or treatments required to those listed above will incur additional costs but we will always discuss these with you first.