Darwin My Vet Service

Grooming and Hydrobath


A hydrobath is a high pressure wash for dogs. Most dogs love the feeling and attention of hydrobathing (though some take a little getting used to the noise).  A solution or medicated shampoo can be added to the water and the high pressure cleaning is effective for removing dirt, parasites and coat build-up and leaves your dog fresh and clean!



On Saturdays between 9am to 1:30pm we offer a hydrobathing service at the back of our clinic. One of our nurses will wash your dog for you while you stay clean and dry. Please call ahead on 8927 3657 to make an appointment to avoid waiting. 

In our standard hydrobath we use Fidos Fre-Itch Rinse solution which is a pyrethrin-based Flea and Tick rinse. Fleas and ticks on the dog are killed by the rinse, while being totally safe for your pet. One caution, pyrethrins are not safe for fish, so dont let your dog jump in the fish pond when you first get home.

For dogs with a skin condition a medicated wash may be indicated. If your dog has been prescribed a medicated shampoo and is under supervised veterinary care we can still hydrobath your dog. An appointment is necessary in this case as the water in the hydrobath tank needs to be completely cleaned out first before the medicated solution is added.

If our nurses are worried about a skin, ear, eye or other medical problem your pet may have they may recommend you the vet for the condition to be checked before carrying through with the bath.


Grooming is an important part of health care for most pets, and needs to be done regularly. Grooming includes coat brushing, washing, clipping, nail trimming, ear care and grass seed removal.

If grooming is required for a medical condition or anaesthesia is indicated, we can perform coat clipping for dogs and cats. For general grooming requirements though we will happily refer you to professional pet groomers who can perform a much neater job than we can! We are happy to trim nails, or if you wish, show you how to safely trim your pets nails at home.

If your pet is timid, anxious or scared by loud noises clipping can be a traumatic time. We recommend that if you are able to, that you stay with your pet to help calm and encourage them through the first one or two clippings.