Darwin My Vet Service

Lost or Found Pets


To help get your lost pet back to you as quickly as possible, please get your pet microchipped and keep the details current. Have your pet wear a collar with an ID tag and their council registration tag.

Lost a Pet?

If you have lost your pet it is best to start searching straight away. Do not wait and see if someone will call you. They may have lost their collar along the way.

Contact all the veterinary clinics in your area, the city council pounds, the RSPCA and any other animal shelters. Leave you and your pet's details. These agencies keep a register of lost pets and may be able to reunite you. In the event your pet has been injured they may have been taken to a veterinary clinic for care. Darwin and Palmerston City Councils put photos of animals they have collected on their websites so check these sites regularly. We would also suggest you visit the pounds and RSPCA and provide them with a photo. They may not describe your pet the same as you do, making them hard to recognise. 






Register your pet's details on TELAF (http://telaf.wordpress.com/Top End Lost And Found is a terrific website devoted to reuniting lost pets with their owners in the Top End. It has a great success rate and is a free service. Again, check this site regularly. 

There are several Facebook pages devoted to Lost & Found Pets: 





You can  also check the lost and found section of gumtree and also post a photo of your missing pet there:



Make up flyers with a photo. This will get attention and hopefully get people to remember your pet if they see them. Give out the flyers where your pet may have been- in your street, the park or the beach; and also where people will notice- at local shops, service stations, schools and bus stops.

Do not give up too quickly, many pets have been reunited with their owners after long periods of time or after long distances!



Found a Pet?


If you find a stray animal that is injured you should take them to a Vet Clinic for assessment and care. Stray uninjured animals may also be taken into a Vet as a first port of call. At our clinic we check the animal for a tag, scan for a microchip and give them a check over for injuries. If a the animal has a microchip and the contact details are current we can reunite the pet with the owner very quickly. If the animal is healthy and does not have any identification we will forward the animal to Darwin City Council if we have been unable to find their owner through other means. 

You can call the Council directly to collect the animal from your property. The Council will check the animal for a microchip or other identification and put them on their website.


Some people will keep the animal in their care while trying to find the owner. If you wish to do this we would encourage you to take all possible means to find the animal's owner before you consider them your own. Remember this may be someones dearly missed friend.

Notify all Vet Clinics, the City Councils, RSPCA, and other shelters of the animal you have found. Take the pet into one of these agencies to have them scanned for a microchip. List them on the TELAF website (
http://telaf.wordpress.com/)  and make up flyers to put up in local places and around where you found the animal. Some one could be missing them terribly!