Darwin My Vet Service

Mobile Veterinary Services


While our clinic started as a mobile only veterinary practice, to provide quality veterinary care we needed a fully equipped and staffed veterinary hospital . As such we do a lot of our work in the clinic and now our mobile visits fall on the first and third Tuesdays only. There are limits as to what procedures can be performed in the field.

We travel to Palmerston, the city and everywhere in between. Our mobile service can be very popular and fitting every patient in can be tricky. Help us to help you. We can perform a much better service if your pet is restrained ready for our arrival. A clean animal helps too, particularly when examining for skin conditions.

Some clients request we attend the property when they are not at home. In this circumstance we ask you to sign a Consent to Enter form giving us permission to do so. Bear in mind some animals are more territorial at home and if you are not home your pet may be more aggressive or shy and may not allow us to enter or restrain them.

A full health check may not be performed by the veterinarian each visit if we are performing a regular injection such as tick prevention or arthritis control. If you need your animal checked for any other reason please notify us before the visit so adequate time can be allowed. A consult fee may apply. 


When working with animals it can be hard to run to a schedule. If we are running more than 15minutes late we will phone to notify you and ask you to do the same. We do reserve the right to charge a missed appointment fee if you do not attend the visit as prearranged and do not notify us more than two hours before hand.

On rare occaisons, in the event of inclement weather or veterinary emergencies, we may have to cancel a mobile visit. In this event we will reschedule as soon as soon as possible. 

For more information or to book in on our next mobile visit to your area, call us on 8927 3657.