Darwin My Vet Service


Injured or orphaned wildlife can be dropped off at our clinic any time in opening hours. This is a no fee serivce. Each animal is examined by a veterinarian and assessed for injury or ilness and treated as needed. Animals that may be rehabilitated and released are then passed on to a Wildcare carer.

WILDCARE is a not-for-profit association of wildlife carers in Darwin. Check out their website at www.wildcarent.org.au and consider supporting their fundrasing and release events. They are a terrific organisation. Their carers adhere to a code of practice for wildlife care. 

You can contact WildCare on 08 89 886 121 or 0408 885 341


If you find a wild animal needing help remember to protect yourself first. Watch out for claws, beaks, teeth and talons. Do not handle snakes if you are not confident they are non-venomous and be very careful not to be bitten by bats.

The best thing to do next is to place them in a warm, quiet, dark box or a like, ventilated (escape proof) container. As stress will worsen any condition they may be suffering from it is important to minimise any handling or interference with the animal. 

If they are sitting very still they may be highly stressed,and not calm as you may think.  Do not try to feed them but offer a small dish of water and bring them into a veterinary clinic as first chance.